Saturday, 11 December 2010

Part 2

At the end of the day as the light faded I headed for home. on the way back a sunset for Friday Thorpe awaited me and was able to get some great final shots of the day. ( Saved for later ;-) ). Would just like to say thanks to the individual who came with me and allowed me to borrow the lens for the landscapes, you know who you are!

The East Coast Part 1

Again another early start to the coast for waders and did it deliver. A fantastic day of several species frequenting the shoreline feeding of dead fish and crabs that the fishermen discarded in the morning.

For the very start the sunrise was superb as showing in the first photo above. A fantastic display then on birds bathing and feeding followed through the day. Not once did I find my self with nothing to photograph, it was non stop action

Friday, 3 December 2010

Deer In The Freeze

This Year I could not stop the temptation of going out in the cold to target these stunning animals. The risk of going out in these conditions came all too true when my little car become stuck in the snow after leaving it to photograph the deer. I did manage to get it out with a bit of force full driving.

I have always wanted to do deer in snow on digital and the last time I did them was on film and never had the gear to do the job.